Thursday, May 14, 2009

The SFM At Cascadia Con

To get a good idea of what you can see at an SFM appearance, just get a look at these photos snapped during the last CascadiaCon (you should be able to click them to enlarge):

A most impressive collection of Hugos, yes?

CascadiaCon gave Curator Ed a lot of space to display, and it all looked good:

I've seen a good deal of this up close, and it looks just as good as you might think. Seriously, whether or not you're an SF Con goer, a SMOF, a reader, if you've enjoyed the production of pros and fans over the last several decades, there's lovely stuff to see when Ed shows up.

We're keeping Curator Ed's appearance list up-to-date, and watch it ... he might be coming to a Con near you some day soon.

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