Thursday, March 12, 2009

DC Opens Website To Capitalize On Watchmen Watchers

So you've watched "Watchmen", and like it or hate it, you wonder what all this 'graphic novel' stuff is all about then. You want to read more? DC wants you to, too:

Via the MTV Networks blog Splash Page:

They watched the “Watchmen,” now what do they read? That’s the question DC Comics looks to be trying to answer with a new website and multimedia advertising campaign aiming to route moviegoers to the publisher’s broader line of contemporary titles. The new site, “After Watchmen, What’s Next?” launched this week, and while everyone continues to analyze the $55.7 million opening weekend for “Watchmen,” DC Comics seems to recognize the data’s most inherent conclusion: millions of people paid to see an R-rated film that wasn’t based on their mainstream heroes.

Visit the DC "What's Next" site via this link.

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