Thursday, March 5, 2009

Two New Wings: The Virtual Museum Remodel Continues!

Two new wings have been worked on. Work continues, but there is something there to see!
  1. The Game Room: Curator Ed has been working on formatting some of the old "Choose Your Own Adventure" style books to online format for the enjoyment of all. These books, with adventures in SF but in other genres as well, took the adventure to the reader by positing situations and asking the reader to make a choice at the end of each scene. Each book contained many more stories than the modest page counts. If you'd like to play along, go to The Game Room from the Destinations list (this is still very much under construction!)
  2. Our Favorite Links: The newly-rethought Links page is growing. Currently there are links to four great omnibus SF sites and more than a dozen authors but we intend to be growing this all the time; make this your one-stop shop for exploring the world of SF. We intend to list links to great TV shows and movie sites, more authors, more fan sites for famous book series, and SF personalites. Choose SF Links from the Destinations list.
We pursue our goal to keep something around here changing all the time, so book mark this blog or the home page and keep an eye on the wire!

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