Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Got Any "Choose Your Own Adventure" Books to Spare?

One of the goodies in our (so far) online museum is a "Game Room", which right now has a handful of things that Curator Ed is working on.

The most interesting of the ongoing projects right now is the adventure book concept. You may remember the self-directed adventure books from the 1970s and 1980s, when they were most popular. Being published under family names such as Choose Your Own Adventure or Race Against Time, these light tomes provided adventure that you could fit in your back pocket.

Each of them had some fantastic adventure scenario and were essentially a book full of scenes. At the end of each, you were given a list of possible choices and directed to flip to a page to see the results of your decision. Even though they were pitched for the kids' market, they're kind of hard to put down, even if you were an adult.

Curator Ed has adapted a couple of them for your online distractionary pleasure, and is working on more. But we need more!

If you have any of these collecting dust in your attic/trunk/whatever, and you'd like to spread the fun, consider donating them to us. If we recieve any duplicates, we will make them available to others who will want them.

Landmail contact information can be found at our Contact/Donation page.

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